Seriously though… will Katy B ever make a bad song? After an outstanding debut album that still sounds great three years down the line, she went and just killed 2012 with “Aaliyah” and the rest of the Danger! EP. As if that wasn’t enough, every song she’s released in 2013 has been exceptionally forward-thinking and fresh while remaining on the cutting edge of the London dance music scene ("I Like You" is dance-pop perfection). And it’s not just her beats that impress, it’s Katy’s cat-like agility and interactions with them. Being able to weave compelling pop lyrics and hooks that go on for days with such a variety of song types is the reason why her 2014 album Little Red is my most anticipated release of the next year in pop.

"Crying for No Reason" may be Katy’s slowest song yet, but it’s got more blood flowing through its veins than your usual ballad. Katy manages to evoke Robyn-like heartbreak in her lyrics and attention-grabbing vocal performance, yet never takes away from the beauty of the song’s production.